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 January - February

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PostSubject: January - February   January - February Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2013 11:17 pm

January 25th, 2013
Dear parents/guardians,

I hope you are all doing well and that the great changes in temperature have not played havoc with your health. I want to take the time here to mention the importance of insuring that your child is wearing the appropriate clothes for the season. A hat (tuque), gloves, boots, winter jacket and snow pants are a must. I would also encourage the wearing of thick sweater or a t-shirt and a shirt.

I also want to take the time to stress that we have students with sever food allergies in our school and in our classes. Therefore please do not include nuts, peanuts, and foods derived from nuts or peanuts as well as legumes, lentils or eggs in your child’s lunch.

What to expect for the end of January and February.

In science and technology:

· Electricity: We will be doing some electricity experiences. The dates I am looking at for these experiences to take place are Friday February 1st for Mrs. Harkins’ class and Monday February 4th for my class. I will be asking the students to bring in a few of the items that are needed to conduct some of these experiments and I will be purchasing the rest. We will be looking at how electricity is formed, the transformation of energy into electricity and other interesting facts regarding electricity.

· We will also be completing the unit on electricity in February and getting ready to attack the next science unit: biodiversity.

In social studies:

· Canada and World Connections: We are completing our unit on Canada’s links to the world with a review test at the end of the month.

· Heritage and Citizenship: In this module, we will be embarking on a voyage through time when we visit, learn about and discuss First Nation Peoples and European Explorers. «Legends» is the first topic of discussion we will be touching.

In French:

· Reading: We are studying the story of Lygaya, a young Cameroonian boy who was taken in the early 1800s by slave traders and brought over to the Americas. We are also going to be looking at different First Nation Peoples’ legends regarding the creation.

· Writing: Students will plan, draw and create their own legend of Creation following the model put forward by the First Nation Peoples.

· Speaking & Listening: Students will present their legends to the class.

Quick outlook of what to expect in February

February 1st and 4th
Tentative dates for in-class science experiences (Electricity)
February 6th
Report cards are sent home
February 15th
Professional Activity Day
February 18th
Family Day

If you have any questions please feel free to email (yannick.o’ or send a note with your child. You can also see what is happening on a weekly basis by visiting or ask your child to go to the forum to see how they have contributed to in-class discussion by participating on the forum.

Wishing you and your love ones good health,

Yannick O’Neill
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January - February
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